Drill, Baby, Drill

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By admin | September 9, 2008

Unless you are living on another planet, or don’t own a television set, you probably heard the big cry from the Republican National Conference in response to Sarah Palin’s rant about drilling in Alaska, and drilling in general.  “Drill, baby drill” was the chant from the audience, and I have to admit it brought home to me the focus the GOP has on big oil.  I pay little attention to the rumors about McCain’s big contributions from the oil business in this country – in fact, I care little about all the political pandering and snarky remarks.  I have my own reservations about Sarah Palin, but this is not the place to air them.  My concerns are the damage done to this planet by fossil fuels and this country’s dependence on foreign oil.

Being a go green kind of guy, I subscribe to the Earth Day Network newsletter.  I can always glean a little good information from them, and I like the alerts they send me about happenings in this country regarding the ecology.  They are good people.  Today, I received the newsletter as I do, and the article game me excuse to fire up the word processor and get the news out.

We all know that Congress has a big habit of tacking “earmarks” onto bills that are proposed, oft times with nothing to do with the proposal.  Call it earmarks, call it pork barrel politics, call it what you will.  The fact remains that this is how legislation is snuck through that benefits states or districts.  Currently in Congress there has been a renewable energy bill that needs passing.  It promotes jobs for much needed work that will benefit the environment, speaks to the environment in terms of solar and wind power, and is a beginning to what many feel must be done, including T. Boone Pickens.  Although I think Pickens has the bottom line in mind with his proposals from what I have read, his viewpoint is strong.  I believe he has seen the handwriting on the wall.  I think that we should be very mindful of the fact that some day in our lifetime that this old world may just run out of oil.  The indicators are there.

This brings me to this subject.  If, worst case scenario, we run out of oil reserves in the immediate future, what is our plan?  Do we simply wring our hands and bemoan our fate?   Do we allow the emissions of CO2 to continue, choking our planet with green house gases?  Or do we say, as Palin does, that global warming is not the fault of mankind?  Why is it that we cannot see, when all the indicators are there, that this planet is dying, regardless of whose fault it is? 

Congress does not want to renew the tax credits for renewable energy.  Senate Republicans want to insure that off shore drilling is a reality, so are fighting this legislation tooth and nail.  If this is not added to the bill in House, then the legislation is doomed for failure.  At stake are not only 115,000 new jobs, which this country surely needs. 

This country needs to end its addiction to oil.  Bottom line.  We cannot keep going further and further in debt to power our SUV’s and lack of responsibility.  We currently borrow money from China to feed our oil addiction.  This has to come to an end, or we will see true disaster.  Not only financially, but in terms of being held hostage by those that control the oil of this world. I, for one, will continue to fight this addiction to fossil fuels, and even though I am old, I realize I have grandchildren that will thank me.  It is time we all took up this fight.  The time is now…



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