You Are What You Eat

Posted by: admin on Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

It is our responsibility to be the best we can be.  No getting around it, folks, if you are not living up to your potential, your life is sad.  I am not advocating that you be a workaholic, a miser, or lock yourself away from society.  what I do believe, however, is that if we do not make every effort to be the best we can be, then we have lived a fruitless life.  Enjoy family, enjoy friends, see the world.  Work smart, not hard.  All these things are essential to a long and satisfying life.

You have all heard the jokes about “you are what you eat.” Nothing, however, is more true than this old axiom.  When I was a child, we never ate fast food, processed meat, and sugar came from molasses, honey and fruit.  Yes, mom did bake a cookie now and then, and made the best cinnamon rolls you have ever tasted in your life.  But our lives were filled with fresh vegetables, whole milk, fresh fruit and farm grown meats.  We did our own butchering, did our own canning, and pretty much lived off the land.

All these things and more have led me to begin this blog.  I have taken the plunge and invested a few shekels to learn the right and wrong way of blogging from Yaro Starak, and he knows his stuff.  I was checking out Yaro’s blog today, and came across an article that was worthy of reading, and worthy of mention.  It deals with the subject of how we eat and how it affects our lives.  I want to thank Yaro for posting this article and video that you can see here after the post.   How we eat also affects how we do business, and that is how Yaro approaches it.  I suggest you visit Yaro’ blog, Entrepeneur’s Journey, and click on the Articles link at the top of the page on the nav bar.  He has a lot to offer.




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